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The Prescription For Lower HealthCare Costs

The health of your employees has a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.  Quest Global Benefits uses knowledge and experience in the medical, compliance and healthcare fields, applying technology and proven systems to make employee and family health count towards:

  •  increased productivity,
  • a reduction in costs,
  • and a sustainable workforce.

Quest Global Benefits News

  • Secure Portable PHR Integration
    4th Quarter, 2013

  • Human / Biometric Device Symbiosis
    4th Quarter, 2013

  • Triage and Wellness Services
    3rd Quarter, 2013

  • Website Launched
    4th Quarter, 2012

Meeting The Challenge

In addition to maintaining our position in the world economy, one of the largest challenges facing us, today, is the continuous increase and unsustainable cost of providing adequate healthcare for our employees and their families.

"Over the last five years, employees’ share of health care costs—including employee premium contributions and out-of-pocket costs—have increased more than 50 percent from $3,199 in 2008 to $4,814 in 2013, according to the analysis." (SHRM October 4, 2012)

For 2013, the average premium cost of an employer provided healthcare plan is $11,188.  The average employee paid portion of the healthcare plan is $2,385 with out of pocket expenses of $2,429 ($4,814) .

Why Us

With our services, the resulting reduction in employer and employee healthcare costs approaches 25%.

We will demonstrate that the use of our benefits produces a return on investment instead of a cost.

Dr. Rick Redalen - Quest Global Benefits